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Free Software:
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LINK: Database
Links for Operatings systems Open Sources
Links for Free Antivirus and Firewalls
Link for Open Source Text editors
Link for Picture Editor Software
Link for Virtualisation Software
Link for Programming Software
Link for HTML, PHP, CMS Systems
Link for Workgroup Software - Plattforms
Link for Acrobat Reader - FlashPlayer -ShockWave - PDF - Air
Link: Software for Video formats (CODEC)
Link for Document Management System
Links for Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Link for Browsers:
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Children Protection Software:
Link: Data to encryption Software:
Link: Software to Wipe:
Link: Recovery Software for deleted
Data and deleted Partitions
Link: Software for Audio, Video, Music and Burn- Software:

2)Real Player



5)Windows Live Movie Maker


7)Video Editor

Link: Software for Database: